The Last Judgment (Vol 2, Chapter 30 )

From Michael Ruse:

The last judgment can take on a frightful aspect and produce much anxiety. In reality it is a call for us to love all people in the same way Christ had first come to us without judgment, in love, forgiveness, and with many second chances given. 

Metropolitan Hilarion also touches on the topic of people who live by their conscience outside the Church in light of the Patristic tradition and Scripture. 

The last judgment is not based on “arbitrariness,” as Metropolitan Hilarion explains, but it confirms that Christ respects each person’s decision in life. 

The last judgment simply reveals the truth of our lives, and Christ reveals to all people His glory, mercy, and righteousness. It is not God’s chance for revenge.

We invite you to come and discover with us how the last judgment confirms God’s loving kindness. If His mercy is offered freely to all people, how can we likewise extend that to every person and rejoice in His glory?