Our Building Campaign

We are in Phase II of a three-phase Capital Campaign.

During Phase I we expanded our property to a full five acres; we installed the first section of our playground; we added several landscaped picnic areas, and we fully remodeled our parish house.

Phase II of the campaign is actually an extended (and rather open-ended) break. We’ve been working very hard on property-related projects for the last fifteen years, so we are going to rest up and allow our community to grow until we are ready to tackle Phase III which will be the replacement of our old parking lot, the actual construction of our temple, and the addition of a commercial kitchen to the Long Hall.

So, all in all, we are looking at a process that could likely take more than a decade to complete. And, with that kind of timeline, it’s not only easy to lose track of where we are, it’s also easy to think that there are long stretches where not a whole lot is going on with the project.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Just because there is not any land being cleared or any concrete being poured doesn’t mean that a whole lot of work isn’t going on behind the scenes: the patroness of our Capital Campaign, St Easnwythe of Folkestone is interceding for us; the members of our parish community are praying, as well; folks continue to contribute to our Building Fund, and we are constantly working on the plans for the overall project.

So, when you see some construction actually getting under way, you can bet that many, many people have already been at work on that effort for any number of years. And that’s why it’s important that we continue to pray for our Capital Campaign every single day. Because there are always going to be decisions that need to be made; there are always going to be plans that will be unfolding; there are always going to be lots of folks working on our behalf. So when you stand in your icon corner, when you read the Troparion for St Eanswythe, when you join your prayers with hers and with our patron and protector, St John the Forerunner, you can be sure that those intercessions are needed. You can be sure your prayers are going to count.


You can see more of the architectural drawings for our new temple and grounds on the Jackson Galloway website.