Death as a Way to Eternity (Vol 2, Chapter 27)

Coming on January 12, 2019:

From Michael Ruse—

In the introduction to Part 6 on Eschatology, Metropolitan Hilarion delineates two major approaches to life and death. Those who deny an afterlife. For these, the quantity of life often becomes a preoccupation. Those believers in an afterlife, specifically as Christians. for these, the quality of life lead in righteousness matters more than longevity or the quantity of material or worldly success one possesses or doesn’t possess.

From that starting point, Chapter 27 explores how the Christian belief in the afterlife changes our understanding of death as a purely negative, fearful event. Other topics to be discussed include what happens to the soul after death, for either the “God-loving” or the unrepentant person, what happens to infants, children, and youth, whether baptized or unbaptized, if they die young. 

We may understand death foremost as the punishment from God for our disobedience. But is God seeking retribution? Find out what Metropolitan Hilarion says about that and how God has hidden the plan of our salvation in death.