The Veneration of the Saints (Vol 2, Ch 25)

How do we become saints? Metropolitan Hilarion describes holiness as Christians becoming part of a golden chain that stretches from many generations of saints. 

What happens to saints when they die? The Orthodox teach and believe that we “fall asleep” (we are not “dead”), and this golden chain doesn’t break after “death.” They live with the “Author of life.” That is manifest in miracles, healing, conversions, and when we become part of that holy, golden chain ourselves when we venerate, are helped, and inspired by the saints to live like them. Death cannot limit The Holy Trinity in outpouring “his presence, energy, and grace” on us.  

When Metropolitan Hilarion puts “veneration” in that context, it is clear the we do not worship people or their image, but we seek the same relationship they had with The Holy Trinity. We will also learn about canonization, some particular saints of Russia, and important Greek terms such as: latreia, proskynesis, and martys. Come and join this golden chain this Saturday evening!