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Fall Theological Seminar

The Fall Theological Seminar begins on Wednesday, September 12. This year, we will be reading a wonderful novel by Marilynne Robinson called Gilead. You can easily pick up an inexpensive copy at Christ the Lightgiver Bookstore. This year, groups will also be meeting in Georgetown (at the home of Mike and Linda Brown) and in Killeen (at the offices of Randy Hardin). So, where ever you may be in Central Texas this fall, on Wednesday evenings, plan on joining us at 7pm as we discuss this lovely book.

This novel won a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Critic’s Award. The book takes the form of a long letter that an aging Congregationalist minister writes to his son over a six month period in 1956.

Reading Schedule

We will be using the Picador Paperback edition of the novel, copies of which are available at Christ the Lightgiver Bookstore; the page numbers in the following schedule are based on that edition.

  • Wed, Sept 12 pgs 1-31

  • Wed, Sept 19 pgs 31-63

  • Wed, Sept 26 pgs 63-91

  • Wed, Oct 3 pgs 91-120

  • Wed, Oct 10 pgs 120-153

  • Wed, Oct 17 pgs 153-180

  • Wed, Oct 21 pgs 180-210

  • Wed, Oct 31 pgs 210-247

  • Wed, Nov 7 Final Discussion