The Divine Liturgy (Vol IV, Ch 3, pp.146-155)

From Michel Ruse:

Michael Ruse will present pp.146-155 in Chapter 3. This section on The Divine Liturgy focuses on the anaphora, also called the eucharistic canon, of St. John Chrysostom of Constantinople. 

The eucharistic canon includes prayers of thanksgiving, the remembrance of the Las Supper and the words of institution, the invocation of the Holy Spirit and the consecration of the holy gifts, and the commemoration of the saints and the prayer for the Church. 

Metropolitan Hilarion offers several points for his readers. The anaphora’s prayers are important to hear, to read and to understand why we come to the divine liturgy and do a “common work.” After reading and understanding the anaphora’s content, we can start to see the liturgy as our highest calling. We can recognize that “when we offer, we are ourselves part of that which we offer” as Metropolitan Kallistos explains mankind’s eucharistic vocation. Join us all this Saturday at 4:00 p.m. to find the meaning of thanksgiving, offering, and how all creation and humanity give back to God