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Fall Theological Seminar

The book that we will be using for the Fall Theological Seminar is now available. It’s called The 21: A Journey into the Land of the Coptic Martyrs. It’s an international best-seller by a German journalist named Martin Mosbach, and it’s about the 21 Egyptians who were martyred in Libya in 2015 by Islamic State terrorists. So, as we read through the book, we will be talking about the Church’s unbroken tradition of martyrdom and what that tradition can teach us about politics in the United States. You can join us either at the parish house or at the home of Mike and Linda Brown in Georgetown! Both groups in both locations will be following the same schedule:

The Schedule for the Fall Theological Seminar

  • Wed 9/11 Chpts 1-2 pgs 3-16

  • Wed 9/18 Chpt 3 pgs 19-28

  • Wed 9/25 Chpt 4 pgs 31-37

  • Wed 10/2 Chpts 5-6 pgs 41-60

  • Wed 10/9 Chpts 7-8 pgs 63-78

  • Wed 10/16 Chpt 9 pgs 81-97

  • Wed 10/23 Chpts 10-12 pgs 101-131

  • Wed 10/30 Chpt 13 pgs 135-153

  • Wed 11/6 Chpts 14-18 pgs 157-205

  • Wed 11/14 Chpt 19-The Epilogue pgs 209-238

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Feast of the Dormition
Later Event: September 13
Feast of the Elevation of the Cross