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St. Patrick's Day Games and Festivities

This year for St. Patrick's Day we will be hosting the Celtic Games at St. John's in Cedar Park directly after the Liturgy! So come with your kilt or a pair of jeans and t-shirt to change into an get ready to throw heavy objects for sport. The games will include a modified "Caber Toss" (half the size of a normal Caber), "Stone Throw" (a combo of golf and hammer throw), Snake Toss (obviously with rubber snakes) and this year we will also be playing a new game Joe has named "King of the Maze" which involves friendly pushing, shoving, and pulling to take over your opponents territory before he/she does.

Along with the normal coffee hour accoutrements, we will also be serving a nice Irish beer for those who are of age. We will also have live music (which may or may not include a bag piper) and dancing if you are so inclined.

Before the party, make sure you brush up on your Trinitarian theology. Here's an explanation of how St. Patrick explained the Most Holy Trinity to the simple people of Ireland.

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