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Seminar 2.3: The World and Man

We have just wrapped up our second mini seminar, this one was entitled, “God.” We spent six weeks examining how the Orthodox dogma of God was revealed to the Church and some of the heresies that arose.

On Saturday, August 11th, we will begin the third mini seminar at the St Thomas school, this one entitled, “The World and Man.” In this five-week series we will read and discuss the Orthodox view of God’s work in the creation of the material universe, of angels, of the Devil and his demons, and of mankind.

We cross paths every day with people who believe that there is nothing beyond the physical world, or, more likely, that angels and demons do exist, but their view is shaped by TV shows or other popular media. We cross paths daily with Darwinian evolutionists and deists.

Come join us for this new series where we will explore the reality of God’s creation and learn the Orthodox way of understanding God’s creation, angels and demons, and mankind.

For more information, check out the St. Thomas School seminar schedule.

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